How MoneySwitch Helps

MoneySwitch helps move cross-border payment companies move from a pre-funding model to an on-demand model.
With MoneySwitch, we leverage the power of blockchain and digital assets to offer CPP’s access to real- time liquidity, outside of traditional constraints like time zones, trading hours, holidays, weekends, and all “red” banking days. MoneySwitch will enable CPPs to attract more customers by providing a more efficient and reliable service, enable them to reduce the size of their pre-funded working capital, thereby freeing up capital for growth, and reducing counterparty risk.
More fundamentally, by enabling access to real-time liquidity free from traditional constraints, the industry as a whole will be able to rethink and evolve the pre-funding model. With access to real-time un-collateralized liquidity, CPP’s can adopt an on-demand model, where liquidity for B2B settlements (CPP-to-CPP) for cross-border transactions can be done on-demand rather than on a pre-funding basis. This will enable CPP’s to unlock working capital for growth and investment, offer better value to both their customers and to their counterparty partners, ushering in a renaissance within the cross-border payment industry, all powered by MoneySwitch.
Further, lenders on MoneySwitch will be able to access lending opportunities which thus far has exclusively been available to big banks. Lenders will be able to do so in a way which is more efficient and better suited to the needs of the cross-border payment industry. Lenders on MoneySwitch will become part of powering the global cross-border payment industry. Their loaned assets will pro- vide real-time liquidity and better enable the multi-trillion-dollar cross-border payment industry. Lenders will be able to earn by lending to some of the biggest CPP’s in the world transparently and securely. While at the same time have full control of their assets, lend without lockup, and use the MST to govern borrowing.