How do I create and connect my MetaMask account?

Learn more about creating and connecting a MetaMask account.

Step 1 - Create a MetaMask wallet

MetaMask is a browser extension, which is compatible with most browsers. You can download the extension at Follow the instructions of the installation process.

Step 2 - Create or Add Account

If your company does not already have an account registered with MoneySwitch, then create an account. Send the public key to MoneySwitch, and share the private key with those in your organisation you wish to make transactions.
If your company already has an account registered with MoneySwitch, then use the private key to add an account.

Step 3 - Login and Connect Wallet

Click connect wallet on the dashboard, and then MetaMask. If this is your first time connecting your MetaMask wallet to the dashboard, then MetaMask will request approval. Otherwise, MetaMask will connect to the dashboard. Make sure the account connected is the same one registered with MoneySwitch (it is possible for a MetaMask wallets to store multiple accounts).