MoneySwitch is a liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS) decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. MoneySwitch is designed to provide cross-border payment providers access to Just-In-Time Liquidity. This liquidity is provided instantly at anytime, enabling payment providers to use it to power the global cross- border payments industry.
Using the power of blockchain, MoneySwitch enables access to Just-In-Time Liquidity, unconstrained by different time zones, trading hours, holidays, weekends, and all “red” banking days. The liquidity can be used to meet immediate liquidity requirements and release capital to grow operations, within the framework of existing regulations and standards.
In effect, MoneySwitch uses blockchain, bridged to real world fiat to break down barriers which restrict traditional finance, thereby fundamentally changing the nature of cross- border payments by moving it from a pre-funding model to a on-demand model.
For liquidity providers, MoneySwitch opens new opportunities which thus far have exclusively been available to big banks and financial institutions. Liquidity providers will be able to offer short-term liquidity which are safer, more efficient, and better suited to the needs of the cross- border payment industry.