MoneySwitch offers a strategic solution which can drive growth, improve capital efficiency and improve customer service.
MoneySwitch is Liquidity-As-a-Service (LaaS) provider offering Just-In-Time Liquidity to Money Service Businesses (MSBs), supporting them in their liquidity requirements. This liquidity can be instantly accessed at anytime through our fully automated dashboard, empowering MSBs to drive the cross-border payments industry.

The Problem

Cross-border payments currently rely on an antiquated pre-funding model via SWIFT, which is capital-intensive and expensive. As MSBs grow, so does their capital requirements. This is further complicated by many different payment corridors, and a banking system which is often closed for weekends and holidays.

Our Solution

Tailored specifically to MSBs, MoneySwitch's Just-In-Time Liquidity service stands as a strategic solution. Through our platform MSBs can access much-needed liquidity, driving growth and capital efficiency. Liquidity is easily accessed and repaid, providing flexibility to MSBs, and ensuring they only pay for what they use. This service is adaptable, available either through direct integration with MSB network partners, or by utilizing a digital stablecoin and a fully on-chain solution.

Our Goal

Using the power of blockchain technology, MoneySwitch is breaking down barriers which restrict traditional finance, thereby fundamentally changing the nature of cross-border payments, by moving it from a pre-funding paradigm, to an on-demand model.