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Welcome to MoneySwitch

MoneySwitch is a Liquidity-as-a-Service platform offering Just-In-Time Liquidity to cross-border payment providers. Powering the future of cross-border payments.
Cross-border payments via SWIFT are based on an antiquated pre-funding model; they are slow, expensive, and have no guarantees of credit time. With MoneySwitch, we are changing all of that!
Deep Liquidity
Access deep liquidity, just-in-time, when you need it
Flexible Duration
Need liquidity for the weekend only, or for two weeks ahead? No problem
Repay Anytime
Make full or partial repayments anytime, only use what you need when you need it
No Tech Integration
No tech integration is required, everything is managed through our dashboard
Fund Your Network
Instantly fund your partners who are also on MoneySwitch
Optimized Capital
Get liquidity when you need it, repay it when you don’t & only pay for what you use
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