FeederPool Customisations

Feeder pool customizations offer the flexibility to tailor risk profiles, rewards, and features to different groups of depositors based on their preferences and requirements.
The adaptive pooling model allows us to offer FeederPools with a distinct experience compared to others. This presents several interesting possibilities:
  • Different risk profiles: FeederPools can be adjusted to offer different exposure to risk of customer default on loan repayments. Given that risk appetite naturally differs among depositors, this feature enables us to better cater to individual risk profiles.
  • Different reward profiles: FeederPools can be adjusted to offer differing level of rewards compared to others. Specifically, we have the capability to adjust the rate at which a FeederPool earns tokens. While interest rate variation across FeederPools is currently not implemented, it is a potential avenue for future design considerations.
  • Lock-up periods: FeederPools can have various lock-up structures, including the option to have no lock-up period at all. We could offer more attractive rewards, incentivizing long-term commitment.
  • Single-Depositor FeederPools: FeederPools could be white-listed so only a single depositor, or small group of depositors can access them for transactions, potentially if they intend to deposit a substantial amount of money. Whilst their funds are automatically transferred into the MasterPool, each FeederPool is a distinct contract on the blockchain, granting them some form of segregation from wider depositors.
  • Currency Exchange FeederPools: Although the system is primarily designed to operate within a single currency, it is feasible to establish a FeederPool that accepts deposits in one currency, automatically converts them into another, and subsequently deposits the converted currency into the MasterPool. This capability enables us to expand the range of assets available for depositors to transact with, improving flexibility and accessibility.