How Many MoneySwitch Tokens Will I Receive?
The amount of MST a lender will receive is dependent on the size of their deposit relative to the total amount of deposits in the protocol, the Reward Scale of the Feeder Pool / Master Pool they have deposited in, and the time their deposit is in that pool for. The higher these are, the more MST will be received.
The Reward Scale of a Feeder Pool / Master Pool calculates how quickly MST should be earned by depositors in that Pool. The Reward Scale of a pool is determined by MoneySwitch, and can be updated at any point in time.
Feeder Pools, which have a lower risk and reward profile are likely to have a lower Reward Scale and therefore earn MST at a slower rate relative to the Master Pool.
Earning MST is independent from lending activities. This means a depositor will earn MST even in periods where there is little or no lending activities.
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