The MoneySwitch protocol embodies the accounting system and rules that form the backbone of the MoneySwitch platform.

Key Features

  • On / Off-chain solutions: MoneySwitch can provide liquidity by integrating with network partners, or through a direct on-chain solution with USDC stablecoin.
  • Customer whitelisting: Customers are only approved when they have completed a rigorous on-boarding process. As part of this process, customers are assigned a maximum credit limit.
  • Dashboard interface: A user-friendly interface offering real-time insights into liquidity transactions and account activity, giving control and enhancing decision-making.
  • Interest accrual: Interest is recognised when it is earned, regardless of cash movement, which ensures fair distribution to depositors.
  • Liquidity pooling: Liquidity is consolidated into a centralized pool, establishing a robust reservoir of funds readily accessible to customers.
  • Liquidity reservations: Customers can reserve liquidity for consistent access, ensuring liquidity is always available.
  • Variable interest rates: MoneySwitch has the ability to offer different interest rates to borrowers.

Key Benefits

  • Secure and tamper-resistant eco-system: The MoneySwitch protocol, is built using blockchain technology, which is decentralized and cryptographically secured.
  • Automated transaction processing: Transactions are automatically executed, which reduces delays, minimizes human error, and increases precision.
  • Efficiency and scalability: The MoneySwitch protocol is designed to work within a transactional framework on a distributed ledger, which allows us to meet growth demands without compromising performance.
  • High fairness and accuracy: The accounting process relies on immutable smart contracts, which perform calculations swiftly and accurately. These contracts ensure borrowers and depositors are treated correctly and fairly.
  • Deep Liquidity for MSBs: The MoneySwitch protocol provides a single source of deep liquidity for MSBs which when approved, can be instantly accessed.
  • Flexibility and customisations for lenders: The innovative adaptive pooling model enables us to provide varying levels of risk, reward, and features for different groups of depositors.